Planning to go on a deer hunting expedition? Well, make sure you equip yourself with a sturdy and stable rifle, which will help you affix your target aptly. We’ve got a list of rifles which you can consider before zeroing down to what suits you the best.

Marlin 336C :

It’s a lever gun, and it gets its plus points due to its easy portability and balance. Comparatively easier to handle and with considerable firepower, Marlin proves to be your best companion on a hunting spree.


• Moderate recoil
• Low-magnification scope
• Immense magazine capacity

Tikka T3 Superlite:

As the name suggests, this rifle is light in weight and can be easily carried around. It has a super sleek look, which immediately catches the eye. Take the word from those who have used this rifle, because they say it’s just the perfect rifle to tag along when you’re hunting, especially hunting deer.

• Camouflage design
• Lightweight
• Suitable for all weathers

All-purpose All-star Weatherby Vanguard Series2:

The design, compatibility and easy usage of this rifle have made it a favourite among the hunter clan. And the improvised version of this rifle has garnered more attention. A great pick when it comes to rifles for deer hunting.


• Affordable price
• Host of configurations and calibres
• Beautiful craftsmanship

Winchester Model 70 featherweight:

Coming from America’s oldest brand, you would definitely be proud to own one of these! Top-notch quality and easy handling make this brand of rifles perfect for beginners.


• Three position safety
• Classic design
• Great adaptability

Kimber Mountain Ascent:

It’s a super cool rifle with a classy camouflage all over it! You’ll fall in love with this one at first sight itself. Super light, with great reviews from both makers and users, Kimber is perfect for your outdoor hunting sprees.


• Low cost
• Great quality and design
• Lightweight

Slug zone specialist Savage M220 Stainless camo:

As the name suggests, it is another rifle in the camouflage range, which makes hunting easier. Extremely bang-on when it comes to accuracy and precision, Slug has been winning hearts with its usability and features.


• 20 gauge slug
• Higher cost assured quality
• Detachable magazine box
• Multiple grades available.

Beanfield Sniper Remington Sendero SF II:

A bit on the heavier side, you can opt for the Sniper when you’re out for a short hunting trip. But it’s ideal for shooting at a long distance and is known for its accuracy.


• Heavy 26 inch barrel
• High Velocity
• Great accuracy