HGM Black Queer + women + Trans Artist booking & management program 

The HGM Black Queer + Women + Trans Artist Booking & Management Program's mission is to support emerging and established Black Queer, Women, + Trans artists working across a range of visual art and media platforms. HGM will work exclusively with artists whose work examine, explore, and critiques issues at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.

HGM provides booking and management services at a reduced rate for a one year contract cycle for an artist and/or a completed work by the artist while also teaching key booking and management skills to strengthen the sustainability of the artist during their career. 

2014-2015 HGM-QBWTArtists 

Ash Tai, Akwaeke Emezi, + King Texas

2013 HGM Queer Artists of Color

WILDNESS by Wu Tsang, Tchaiko Omawale, Katiuska Herrand

Submissions are closed