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Ethical Interviewing for Filmmakers:How do you protect your documentary subject while securing a compelling story? There have been many documentaries that have used invasive interview techniques to shed light on sensitive and complex issues. This session is great for those who are interested in documenting a film focusing on a sensitive subject, or those who expect to interact with a community that has not been portrayed appropriately via Film/Video.

Online Funding Platform Strategies: Creative Online Funding Platform Strategies For Social Change: Online funding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo are a way for you to not only get cash in hand for your project, but also market your project to a community before its completed. This session will bring a range of attendees together, with projects big and small,to talk tactics that can be applied to any project, therefore encouraging more social media makers to take a chance on online fundraising platforms.

HGMEXAMPLES: Bumming Cigarettes Kickstarter Campaign. & UBLEP Indiegogo Campaign.

black./womyn.:conversations... Journal Exercise: This is a 2 1/2hr workshop that will allow each participant the opportunity toinsert themselves figuratively into the film by answering to each theme presented in the film. The goal of this workshop is to begin to lay the foundation to the self-esteem needed to talk more openly about ones self in relationship to their sexuality to others. **conducted after screening:black./womyn.

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