Looking for the best bow sight is an overwhelming task as there are multiple options of bow sights available in the market these days. Therefore, when you are considering buying a bow sight, then you need to start by looking at the applications which you would be using that sight for. There are some sights which would be more suitable for target shooting platform, whereas, there are some fights which would be more user-friendly to the bow hunters. Therefore, depending upon your requirements, you need to decide the best one which would be more suitable for you. Below is the list of few types of bow sight which you can consider buying: 

  Fixed pin sights   

The fixed pin sights are available in a number of variations. Among them, the most common ones are 3,4,5,7 and 9 pin sights. The fixed pin sights enjoy the widest usage among the bow hunters in one way or another. These types of pins are the simplest to set up and if they are used in the right way then they are the most accurate ones among the various other bow sights.   

Moveable pin sights   

The moveable pin sights have only one pin, unlike the fixed pin sights which have multiple pins. The moveable pins allow its users to adjust its pin for distance for any given shot. The distance of the shot is marked typically on the slider scale which is pre-set by the archer. For proper distance for each shot, you would be required to adjust the sight. 

  Digital sights

    The digital sights are available with lack of pins and they use projected light dots for aiming. This gives the archer the best and clearest view of their target. These are one of the newest bow sights available these days.   

Pendulum Sights

    The pendulum sights are pretty simple. These are an excellent choice for tree stands and bow hunting. They might be highly useful to you if you are doing a good amount of roving. They have been created for a specific purpose and they are considered as a unique instrument as they offer a fresh dimension to the standard or the moveable pin sights. Usually, this sight has a pin which is mounted on the pendulum inside of the sight bracket. For proper accuracy, the pendulum sights needs to be calibrated carefully. However, this needs to be done by someone who has ample knowledge about arrow velocity which the new hunters might not know.   

  Target Sights 

  If you are having an interest in the good old target archery then this is something which you would like to have. The target sights are used typically for competitive archer and they are considered as the most accurate one among various other sights. Though, this sight is something which people would love to have, however, not many of them would be able to afford it due to its high cost. You won’t be seeing the target sight much in the fields as their cost and size makes them less practical for the average hunters.